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Supply Categories

Search our list of supply categories to see what kind of items we can accept.

Select any of the following categories to view a list of examples of items we can accept. These are not exhaustive lists of everything we can take, they are just meant to act as a guide.

Equipment Donation

Quick Check

YES we can accept...


Ostomy Supplies


Diapers (adult or pediatric)
Immobilizers (slings, boots, braces)



IV Poles

NO we CANNOT accept...

Saline/Heparin Flushes



Shower Chairs


Items expiring within one year (blood draw containers, syringes, catheters)

Rules of Thumb

If you don't see your item or aren't sure if it belongs in any of these categories, check out these general rules of thumb:​

You would feel comfortable using the item on yourself or your family members.

The item has been stored properly while not in use (at room temperature, indoors, and free from moisture).

If the item goes in the body (syringes, catheters, etc.) and has an expiration date, it must have at least one year left before expiration.

The item does not contain any liquids or medications.

The item must function as intended and not have any missing or broken parts.

The item must be in good shape and not have any rips, tears, or rust.

Where to Bring Items 

InterVol Can't Accept


Why we can't accept it:

  • InterVol does not have a pharmaceutical license and is therefore not permitted to dispense medication to the populations we serve. This includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Where to bring it:

  • Check out the Monroe County Department of Environmental Conservation's website to see where you can properly dispose of unused and unwanted medications.

  • Try your vet's office or local animal shelter - sometimes veterinary organizations can accept unused, unexpired medications.

T U B E   F E E D   &

N U T R I T I O N A L   S U P P L E M E N T S

Why we can't accept it:

  • Again, because we do not have a pharmaceutical license, we cannot accept any item that is consumed within the human body. This includes intravenous medications and nutrition as well as feeding tube nutrition.

Where to bring it:

  • The Oley Foundation is a national non-profit that hosts an online supply and equipment exchange for people dependent on home intravenous nutrition and tube feeding.

S H O W E R   C H A I R S   &   C O M M O D E S

Why we can't accept it:

  • InterVol is not equipped with the proper sterilization equipment in order to make these items safe for second use.

  • Regulations set forth by US Customs prohibit us from shipping these items if they have been used.

Where to bring it:

  • The Upstate New York chapter of the ALS Association has an equipment loan closet and may be able to pick these items up. They are based in Liverpool, NY.

Supply Categories
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