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How to Donate


To donate your unused medical supplies, you can bring your donation into our office during our donation hours or call to make an appointment. You may also request a pick-up.

Note: In the interest of staff safety and hygiene, you will be asked to go through your donation and put the items into an InterVol bin.

Office Donation

Medical Facility:

To schedule your in-service, call our Community Coordinator at 585-922-5810 or email You will receive an InterVol donation bin for your floor/unit and our Community Coordinator will hold an educational session with the floor/unit staff about using the InterVol bin. You will then schedule a regular pick-up time or request pick-ups as needed with our Materials Coordinator.

Hospital Donation
Outside of Monroe County:

If you are located beyond Monroe and surrounding counties, you can ship your donation to our office address. If you have a larger amount to donate, call our Materials Coordinator at 585-922-5293 to determine if a pick-up can be arranged.

InterVol Van

Donation Hours

Every Monday and Thursday InterVol has curbside donation drop offs from

8:30 A.M. to 4 P.M.

100 Kings Highway South

Suite 1200

Rochester, NY 14617

Find Us

  • We are located in the Rochester Regional Health Riedman Campus in Irondequoit, NY

  • Enter through the Visitor's Lot and pull up to the NORTH Entrance

  • Call 585-922-5810 and an InterVol representative will meet you

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