Team InterVol Raised Over $115K!

October 31, 2018

This past Sunday, Team InterVol’s 8 returning runners and 25 new runners completed 26.2 miles in support of our mission to connect the world’s neediest with materials, people, and opportunities. Team InterVol helped to raise over $115,000 for our mission at the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.


Several members of InterVol’s staff & board traveled to D.C. this weekend to cheer on our runners and provide as much support as possible for the big race. A few of us even ran the marathon! Our biggest donor this year, Dan Palmier, and our Executive Director, Nicole Jones, ran all 26.2 miles to help support Team InterVol.

This year, we received one of the biggest donations in our history: Dan Palmier of the ONE Foundation was able to present InterVol with $100,000 in support of our mission. We are deeply grateful for this donation along with all of the funds raised this past weekend.


Funds raised from the ONE Foundation in support of Team InterVol at the Marine Corps Marathon will be used to offset shipping costs of medical supplies for communities in need around the world. Many of the communities that request medical supplies from InterVol are unable to provide adequate funding in order to ship the materials overseas. Our Recovery of Unused Medical Supplies (RUMS) program collects medical supplies and equipment and ships to communities that lack adequate access to healthcare.