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Accepted Supplies

Where & When to Donate

Curbside Drop Offs:

Tuesday & Thursday

8:30AM to 4PM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

By Appointment (585) 922-5810

Supplies We Can Accept

• The item has been stored properly while not in use (at room temperature, indoors, and free from moisture)

• If the item goes in the body (syringes, catheters, etc.) and has an expiration date, it must have at least one year left before expiration

• The item does not contain any liquids or medications.

• The item must function as intended and not have any missing or broken parts

• The item must be in good shape and not have any rips, tears, or rust

Common Items Donated




Ostomy & Catheter Supplies


Wheelchairs & Walkers


IV Poles

If you don't see your item or aren't sure if it can be donated, check out the full list of items we accept in this PDF.


Supplies We
Do Not Accept

InterVol does not have a pharmaceutical license and is therefore not permitted to dispense medication to the populations we serve. This includes prescription and over-the-counter drugs

 For items like shower chairs and commodes, InterVol is not equipped with the proper sterilization equipment in order to make these items safe for second use

• We cannot accept any item that is consumed within the human body. This includes intravenous medications and nutrition as well as feeding tube nutrition

Common Donations Not Accepted


Saline and Herapin Flushes


Prescription Medicine


Shower chairs and commodes


Expired supplies

If you don't see your item or aren't sure if it can be donated, check out the full list of items we accept in this PDF.

Monetary Donation

Can you pick a donation up from my house?

Please call our Materials Coordinator to inquire about a pick up 585-922-5810. Each day we pick up donations at hospitals and medical facilities and because of volume, we may or may not be able arrange for your items to be picked up.

Can you loan me a piece of equipment?

Unfortunately, InterVol does not have the resources to loan out the equipment that we collect. If you need to borrow a piece of medical equipment, please contact your local volunteer firefighter's association, volunteer ambulance service, or Lion's Club to find a medical equipment loan closet near you.

Can I buy medical supplies from InterVol?

If you are working with a registered 501(c)(3) organization you may arrange for a donation. While we do not charge for the supplies themselves, we do charge a reasonable fee in order to cover the cost of handling. Please get in touch with our Sustainability Coordinator at 585-922-5810 to learn more.

How do I apply to go on a medical trip with InterVol?

Take a look at our MEDICAL TRIP page to fill out an application to join a medical trip with InterVol. When we are recruiting for an upcoming trip we will get in contact with you to determine if you will be a good fit to our team and the needs of those we are serving.

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