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Medical Brigade Trips

InterVol’s Volunteer Medical Professionals program (VMP) partners with local primary care clinics and hospitals to facilitate medical consultation and treatment in areas where access to care is limited. We work to build networks of care to assist those most in need, both in person and via remote, technologically-supported link-ups.


  • Travel and hotel are booked by InterVol

  • The team travels together and stays at the same hotel

  • Breakfast and dinner are provided in the hotel cost

  • Personnel, including translators, are assigned to their location by the Mission Trip Coordinator



  • In case of emergency contact information

  • Letter of recommendation / references

  • Copy of your passport, which  must be up-to-date with at least 6 months left

  • RN:

    • Copy of your degree/diploma

    • Notarized copy your active nursing license

  • MD, DDS, DO:

    • CV

    • Copy of your medical degree

    • Notarized copy of your active medical license


  • Highly variable; we do our best to keep it as low as possible

  • What you pay to InterVol covers:

    • Plane fare

    • Hotel including breakfast, dinner, and gratuities

    • Ground transportation

  • Expenses not covered by InterVol:

    • Water, lunch, and snacks

    • Leisure activities

    • Souvenirs

    • Any additional charges for extended travel time or alternate travel dates

*Please note: Our medical brigade trips are working trips. Due to limited space and long work days, guests are not permitted to travel. Should you wish to extend your trip, arrangements will be at your discretion.

VMP Application

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Trip Information
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