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Off the Vine Value: Priceless

Our largest and most elegant fundraiser of the year, Off the Vine, will be back at the Memorial Art Gallery on September 16th, 2017. This year, our auction will include a vast selection of wines donated by the Raise a Glass Foundation that won gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Great American International Wine Competition, in addition to our one-of-a-kind silent and live auction opportunities.

Off the Vine is more than a gala; it is the opportunity for InterVol’s supporters to come together for a celebration of the lives saved and communities rebuilt through the direct efforts of the Rochester community. It is a fête for outstanding individuals who are committed to making the world a better place to live for all humans and for companies that value more than the bottom line.

Sponsoring Off the Vine is about more than getting one’s name in a program. The Humanitarian Heroes, Altruistic All-Stars, Charitable Champions, Standout Table Sponsors, and Supportive Superstars come from all walks of life, but share one vision: that we are an intricately interconnected global community and that every life matters. In making the world healthier and the economies of developing countries more self-sufficient, we are not just improving the lives of others, but enriching our own lives as well.

Opportunities to become a sponsor of this year’s Off the Vine are now available. As valued partners in our fight for healthier children and families, we are committed to bringing wider recognition to our supporters.

Sponsorships secured before August 4th are guaranteed to be included in the appropriate print media.

For more information, contact Nicole Jones at 585.922.1997 or, or click here to purchase now!

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