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Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Kearney, RN

With decades of nursing experience, Michele volunteers her time and knowledge at our Medical Sorts to make the final decision on whether an item can be safely used and what category it should be packed under. She currently works in the observation unit at Rochester General Hospital.

However, caring isn't just her career; it's her lifestyle. As a member of the sandwich generation, Michele not only stays late and comes in early to care for your mom or dad, she frequently travels to care for her own. Born one of four children, she doesn't do it because she has to, it's because that's who she is: a strong, compassionate woman who wants nothing more than to lend her strength and help every single person she meets lead better, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Yet, despite all of these responsibilities, Michele continues to volunteer her free time week in and week out to sorting medical supplies, so that she can give a helping hand to even more people across the globe.


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