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Happy Hour for MCM Team InterVol

Team InterVol at Happy Hour at Max's of Eastman Place

Our Marine Corps Marathon team got together on Monday, August 6 to get a little #MondayMotivation from each other! The crew got together at Max’s of Eastman Place (where our Cooking Classes are held) for happy hour to get acquainted with one another before the big race in October. With an open bar and plenty of tasty treats, we all got to know each other pretty well. There’s lots of Marine Corps Marathon newbies with a few veterans sprinkled in for good luck.

We have people who have never run a marathon before, people who have run a marathon but never done the Marine Corps Marathon, and people who have done the MCM more than five times! The general consensus among the team is excitement (with a touch of fear about it staying in the upper 80s and 90s until the end of October).

The team talked together about the elevation of the course, the amount of water stops, and where all the best photo op spots will be. Our Executive Director, Nicole Jones, gave a heartwarming speech about why this event means so much to her and to our organization, “We are so lucky to be healthy here in America and it means so much to me that we can run this marathon and raise money to help provide better quality care for those that don’t have those luxuries.”

Owen Williams and Kate Brett won our raffle prize: last year’s MCM singlet! Everyone went home with a copy of Marine Corps Marathon: An Epic Journey In Photographs by Steve Nearman and Jeff Horowitz. The beautiful coffee-table photo book will be a source of inspiration for our team before the big race and will forever be a reminder of their accomplishment afterwards.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to our meet and greet; we are so happy that the team had a chance to meet each other and exchange info. Now they can count on one another as invaluable running resources and make the most of their training, together!

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