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InterVol Prepared for Response to Hurricane Florence

InterVol Volunteers in Puerto Rico

InterVol is on alert for requests coming from states to be affected by Hurricane Florence. We have been collecting unused medical supplies for 29 years and redistributing them to communities in need, often in response to natural disasters. Following Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Matthew, and Hurricane Maria, InterVol sent shipments of medical supplies and equipment as well as personal care items to aid the affected communities.

In 2012 InterVol partnered with the Sea Breeze Fire Department to distribute medical supplies to those affected by the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, Rockaway Beach, and Long Island. Supplies included sterile dressings, masks, gloves, and personal care items. In 2016, InterVol sent volunteer medical professionals to Haiti as well as engaged the Rochester community in a massive donation drive. The drive produced 20,000 pounds of food and personal care supplies, 10,000 pounds of medical supplies and equipment, and 6,000 pounds of building supplies. In 2017, InterVol collected supplies and equipment to send with volunteer medical professionals to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

During disasters, InterVol has partnered with Samaritan’s Purse to collect, sort, and ship supplies to affected areas. In preparation for Hurricane Florence, InterVol has reached out again to Samaritan’s Purse and is currently on stand-by, awaiting supply and volunteer requests.


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