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Intervolved - Medical Supplies Donation Drive

Intervol in conjunction with RIT graduate students enrolled in Contemporary Media and Communications invites you to contribute unused medical supplies and equipment. The drive will occur November 18 & 19 and 25 & 26 from Noon to 4:00 P.M at the Riedman Campus,100 Kings Highway South (across from Bishop Kearney).

In 2022, Intervol collected more than 100,000 lbs of donations, which was sorted and distributed to 12 countries and 134 local organizations. The students goal this Thanksgiving is to collect at least 500 lbs and raise $500 for shipping supplies. Every item helps save lives across the world and keeps these items out of the landfill. If you would like to contribute directly to the campaign, follow this link

We are thankful to our partners the Town and Rotary of Irondequoit, Amico Pizza, The Rochester Institute of Technology, and our wonderful volunteers at InterVol for helping make this possible.

Things we collect • A.E.D.s (must have a functioning battery) • Nebulizers • Pulse Oximeters • Resuscitators • Scales – Infant & Adult • Stethoscopes • Surgical Instruments (e.g. clamps, hemostats, forceps, scissors, etc.) • Walkers – Adjustable, Foldable (must have rubber tips/or breaks) • Wheelchairs (must be in good condition, functional brakes; no rust, rips or tears) • Ace Bandages • Alcohol Prep Pads and Swabsticks • Anesthesia Supplies • Bedding – Blankets, Pillows, Sheets • Betadine or Povidone-Iodine Ointment, Pads, Solution, and Swabsticks • Compression Stockings – Ted, Jobst (must not need a machine) • Diabetic Supplies (all glucometers must have in-date test strips) • Diapers – Adult and Pediatric • Drains – Chest Drains, Penrose, Jackson-Pratt, etc. • Dressings – sterile or non-sterile (Coban, Duoderm, gauze, Xeroform, etc.) • Exam Supplies (e.g. cotton balls, Q-Tips, thermometers, tongue depressors, etc.) • Feeding • Supplies (NO NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS) – Bags, Tubes (G-, J-, NG-) • Gloves – sterile or non-sterile • Gowns (cloth/paper, sterile or non-sterile), Head and Shoe Covers, Goggles, • Masks, IV Supplies (must be sterile) • Needles - Angio-Catheters, Blood Draw, Butterfly, Port Access, Spinal, Traditional • OB/GYN • • Supplies (e.g. nursing items, pads, pregnancy tests, swabs, etc.) • Orthopedic Supplies (e.g. braces, casting material, immobilizers, supports, etc.) • Ostomy • • Supplies – must be in original packaging • Pediatric Supplies • Personal Care Items – unused only (e.g. combs, slippers, soap, toiletries, etc.) • Plastics – NO PILL BOTTLES (e.g. basins, bedpans, sitz baths, urinals, etc.) • Respiratory Supplies (e.g. nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, etc.) • Sponges – Foam, Lap Pads, X-Ray Detectable • Suction Supplies – Catheters, Kits, Tubing, Yankauers/Frazier Tips • Surgical Linens – Cloth/Paper, Sterile or Non-Sterile (drapes, sheets, towels, etc.) • Surgical • Procedure Packs – must be sterile, unopened, and have no rips or tears • Sutures – expired are acceptable • Syringes – Bulb Syringes, Irrigation, Oral, Traditional (all sizes) • Tape – all types (e.g. Durapore, Medipore, self-sticking, Transpore, etc.) • Tracheostomy Tubes and Care Supplies (must be sterile) • Underpads/Chux – Cloth or Disposable • Urinary Drainage – Bags, Catheters (Foley, Straight, Texas), Insertion Kits

Things we do NOT collect • Expired items that go inside the body (e.g. drains, shunts, etc.) • Any other items that are, or appear to be, hazardous or dangerous • Blood Collection Tubes with less than one year before the expiration date • Chemicals (including mercury and solvents) • Commodes and Shower Chairs • Drugs/Medications (including over-the-counter, prescription, and insulin) • Flushes (Heparin or Saline) • Glucometers without Test Strips • Nutritional Supplements (e.g. baby formula, Boost, Ensure, etc.) • Pill Bottles • Vitamins


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