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One Week Later ...

To be honest, I thought my follow-up post at the one-week mark would be different. I expected to be writing about how difficult it was to stay motivated. (Let's just say this is not the first time I've made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, started a fitness program of some sort, or simply decided to start following my doctor's advice that I really needed to start getting some exercise.)

But, strangely, I haven't already started to peter out, despite the fact that I ache all over and still feel like I should be calling for an ambulance with oxygen and a defibrillator every time I get done. (I did mention I hibernate like a bear every winter, didn't I?)

Now it could be that I've finally just decided to stick out the program. Or, much more likely, committing to running/jogging/walking/meandering for a straight 26.2 miles in under 7 hours was the kick in the rear I needed. It could be yours, too! After all, the Marine Corps Marathon is the People's Marathon. There's no prize money being competed over by the best in the world, just the pride and patriotism of crossing the finish line with members of U.S. Marine Corps cheering everyday people like you and me on.

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