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Volunteer Spotlight: Sydney Kraus-Malett

Ann Ras, RN

A lover of animals large and small, Sydney has been working as a Veterinary Technician at the Rochester Community Animal Clinic (RCAC) for six years now, and has been volunteering with InterVol since May of 2014.

Affectionately called "Syd the Kid" by one of our veteran volunteers, Sydney's infectiously positive energy brings the fun to every Sorting Party. When we asked her why she volunteers her time with us, her response was just as cheerful as she is.

"For the free stuff!" Syd immediately joked with a giant smile, referencing our Shopper Program, which donates supplies to local non-profits like RCAC in exchange for volunteer work. "No but really, I would do it anyway because it's fun, and filled with fun people."

Without amazing -- and fun! -- volunteers like Sydney, InterVol wouldn't be able to do so much for so many with so few resources.

THANK YOU, SYDNEY! (Because you're so awesome, I used a candid shot like you requested!)


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